Introducing the Parliamentary Watch: what does the European Parliament do to protect and promote older persons’ rights?

One year after the first European Parliament’s plenary session, let’s have a look at what MEPs have done to promote the rights of older persons.

AGE Manifesto for the European elections 2014 set up 7 priorities to make the EU an age-friendly place. All the 7 priorities list key calls for action and concrete initiatives MEPs could undertake in this regard. One year later, where are we?

Several reports have adopted the past few months. Here are the ones mentioning the protection of older persons’ rights:

Recognising the challenges faced by older women and carers: read more here

Taking into account population ageing in the European Semester process: read more here

Tackling age discrimination in guidelines for Member States’ employment policies: read more here

What’s coming next? In the coming weeks, MEPs will adopt reports on the implementation of the European Year 2012 on active ageing and solidarity between generations, the situation of fundamental rights in the EU 2013-2014, tourism, health and safety at work, and on the implementation of the 2015 priorities of the European Semester. Stay tuned!

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