AGE Manifesto 2019

This manifesto has been adopted by the General Assembly of AGE Platform Europe in June 2018. It has been endorsed by Members of the European Parliament and candidates in the European elections. If you are an MEP and would like to endorse, please contact

“The Europe we want is for all ages”

7 concrete proposals for ensuring equal rights and dignity in older age

Europe needs to tackle its demographic challenge in a fair and sustainable way and fulfil the pledge to leave no one behind. To achieve this, the European Union must be driven by its citizens towards actions that will embody our common core values of non-discrimination, equality and solidarity.

For the next mandate, AGE will again pursue the aim of an age-friendly European Union and call on candidate members of the European Parliament to ensure that elimination of age discrimination becomes an identified priority on equal foot to other grounds of discrimination.

In line with this ambition, AGE Platform Europe Manifesto develops seven ideas that will help preserve the rights of Europeans at any age:

  1. Enhance older persons’ rights through combating ageism and age discrimination
  2. Ensure a life-course perspective on work and create inclusive labour markets
  3. Ensure adequate pension and old-age income for both women and men
  4. Protect the right to live and age in dignity through adequate person-centred health and long-term care accessible to all
  5. Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages
  6. Enable universal access to goods and services in today’s digitalised society including for older persons
  7. Empower older citizens to fully participate in the social and democratic life

As future MEP, AGE calls on you to push for the European Union to support member states to develop national strategies on ageing with the active involvement of older persons and their organisations. We count on your commitment to re-establish in the European Parliament the Intergroup on Ageing and Solidarity between Generations to keep ageing issues high on the European Parliament’s agenda.

Candidates, Sign our Manifesto!
Supporters, Help us make our demands heard!

AGE Manifesto is now available in the following versions:

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