AGE Manifesto

We call on the candidate MEPs to look to creating an Age-Friendly European Union through ensuring that EU policies and initiatives will:

1. Promote equal opportunities and the realisation of human rights for all

2. Guarantee adequacy, fairness and sustainability of Europe’s social protection and social inclusion systems

3. Ensure universal access to goods and services, in particular to the built environment, ICT, mobility and public services

4. Support the right to grow and age in good mental and physical health

5. Create age-friendly labour markets and economy

6. Involve older persons in all policy and research processes that concern them

7. Protect older persons’ right to live and die in dignity

AGE Platform Europe calls for the re-establishment of the Intergroup on Ageing and Solidarity between Generations to keep these issues high on the EU agenda.

AGE Manifesto is now available in English, French, Slovene, Catalan, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, GermanItalianCzech (short version), HungarianSlovakPortuguese and Swedish (short version), and soon in many other languages.


2 thoughts on “AGE Manifesto

  1. […] poslanec Ivo Vajgl (ALDE) je podprl poseben manifest, ki ga je pripravila organizacija Evropska platforma AGE (AGE Platform Europe ) in je namenjena […]

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