UK: Age Platform UK calls on MEPs to Act. React. Impact. for older people

In the most recent English Government budget report the Chancellor asked us all to “make do”. Age Platform UK is made up of organisations and groups of and for older people with some specialist representation from academic groups and experts on Ageing. We have been used to working with generations are “doers” and support each other and wider society and who take their voting responsibilities seriously and demand information and impact.

The Age Platform UK group had a speaker, Elizabeth Sweeney from the European Parliament at their meeting on 21 October to discuss the manifesto (see here) and to hear what older people considered about the European Parliament as she had toured the country talking to groups. The tour is part of the “Act. React. Impact.” Awareness campaign in the run up to the elections.

We heard about others FAQs about parliament mainly focussed around MEPs expenses, access to health and freedom of movement for European citizens across Europe.

As a group we talked about why it is important to vote and encourage people at every level to talk about Ageing and Older People’s issues across Europe. Our members at a local level have been talking with older people’s groups about transport issues; the thorny issue of intergenerational solidarity, especially at times of economic difficulties; access to lifelong learning and education for older people; employment and in particular ageing well in employment and of course digital inclusion.

Several of the UK members for Age Platform have decided to host hustings the manifesto has been sent to members across the networks and is available on a number of websites and through internal groups; for example on the Age Action Alliance website and on the National Association of Retired Police Officers website

We look forward to the new European Parliament and the “Actions. Reactions. Impacts.” That the UK MEPs will have for older people and ageing.

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