What will European Liberals (ALDE) do for older persons?

What will European political parties do for older persons during the next term? We will publish here information on their Manifesto and highlight the commitments which matter for Europe’s senior citizens. Let’s continue with the European Liberals (ALDE).

(Excerpts from the ALDE Manifesto 2014, you may access to the full Manifesto here)


European Liberals are committed to building a stronger Europe to defend our common interests and values. We want a Europe with authority on the world stage. We want a Europe that boosts the economy and creates jobs. We want a Europe that is more transparent and accountable. A Europe that protects the safety and security of its citizens. A Europe of tolerance and equality, with strong civil rights and liberties. A Europe based on genuine democracy and the will of its citizens. A Europe that takes the lead in fighting climate change. A Europe that works for us all.

Liberals want a Europe which inspires trust, not fear; promotes prosperity and unity, not division.

Creating jobs and opportunities

We will prioritise the completion and expansion of the single market, not least in services, identify and create new opportunities for economic growth and greater innovation, and boost the EU’s competitiveness.

Eliminating excessive national rules and regulations as well as border controls, and ensuring free movement of workers, have helped businesses to be stronger and more competitive.

We will reinforce the single market in energy, the digital market, financial services, transport and healthcare sectors, while further facilitating the free movement of services and workers.

Setting new priorities

We need to rethink the whole budget process. We believe in a larger strategic objective to determine how our money is best spent. We call for an extensive reform of the financial system of the Union, both revenues and expenditure, ensuring that no countries contribute disproportionally.

The budget must be growth-oriented. We need to focus on innovation, research and development and support better education. The original goal of improving people’s lives has been overshadowed by bureaucratic bookkeeping. Wasteful subsidies must be abolished.

Restoring stable finances

Just as European citizens are expected to balance their household budgets and live within their means, we must ensure healthy public finances. We want a Union in which the criteria of the Stability Pact are adhered to by both the Union and its member states. The currency union can only be sustained if solidarity is combined with solid fiscal responsibility.

Stronger in the world and safer at home

While some want to highlight and exploit our differences, we believe our shared values and unity allow us to defend our common interests in the world and individual rights at home. Our strength will help us create jobs and improve people’s lives both within Europe and beyond our borders.

For an effective and transparent Europe

Within the lifetime of the next European Parliament we will support the calling of a Convention to develop the Union further in a democratic direction. By improving accountability for European politicians, we believe they can deliver more effective and efficient results for you.

The EU and its institutions need more transparency and less bureaucracy. We will continue our efforts to simplify EU rules and make them less burdensome.


What is of interest for European senior citizens?

AGE welcomes the clear focus of the European Liberals on employment. We believe much has to be done to improve the participation of older workers in the labour market. ALDE priorities on education and training can be of great support for older workers who are often excluded from occupational training. Moreover, ALDE’s calls to promote human rights, to better protect the vulnerable within the EU and to continue to fight discrimination of any kind are fully in line with AGE’spriorities to promote the realisation of human rights for all. AGE welcomes their commitment to create a mechanism to monitor violations of fundamental rights.

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