What will the European Greens do for Europe’s senior citizens?

What will European political parties do for older persons during the next term? We will publish here information on their Manifesto and highlight the commitments which matter for Europe’s senior citizens. Let’s continue with the European Greens.

(Excerpts from the European Greens Manifesto 2014, you may access the full Manifesto here)


We Greens believe that Europe is our common home and our future. Yet, that future is under threat. If the EU’s achievements are to be preserved and enhanced, now is the time for a fundamental political reorientation and for a democratic renewal of the European Union. To safeguard our common future we want to change Europe to strengthen it. That is why we stand for more solidarity, sustainability and justice.

Greens mobilise under the banner of social justice against social exclusion, of sustainability against austerity. We want to live our lives as people for whom security and opportunity are not just tales from yesteryear. Here, without doubt, the EU must change direction! We want to fight against youth unemployment, against homelessness, against poverty and hopelessness. Where member states individually refuse or fail to deliver, we can overcome that together as European citizens. Let us build a social Europe.

Europe needs a Green New Deal

Solidarity, solidity and sustainability
Laying the foundations of a social Europe
Bringing the financial industry under control
Public finances: Fair and effective taxation
RISE: Renaissance of industry for a sustainable Europe

One planet, our home!

European climate and energy law
Sustainability is the key
Priority for Green transport
Protect health and safety
Food not fuel
Better food, better lives
Greening agriculture
No to GMOs
More fish in the seas
Animal protection

Europe in the world

Human rights and poverty eradication
Domestic security policy
Working for peace
Fighting for fair asylum and immigration policies
Taking the lead on climate change
Pursuing a coherent enlargement and neighbourhood policy
For a fair trade policy

For a more vigorous democracy

Without gender equality there is no democracy
Citizens as European decision makers
Strengthen the role of parliaments
Fight corruption and fraud
More own resources for the EU budget
A Digital Bill of Rights
Uphold the rule of law
A Green democratic reform of the EU


What is of interest for European senior citizens?

AGE welcomes the objective to build a Social Europe, addressing issues such as solidarity, justice, social exclusion, unemployment, and fight against poverty. AGE is happy to see old age poverty mentioned as a key element of injustice. Moreover, Greens advocate for fair and gradually improving minimum social standards in Europe, notably in terms of pensions. They also commit not to tolerate discrimination on any ground, including age, and acknowledge the huge gap between the recognition of a right, the legal process it achieves and its implementation. More precisely, Greens oppose any age limits on access to public services and stand for the implementation of reliable basic standards in the pension models of all member states. Furthermore, they support the adoption of a more comprehensive policy approach against gender-based violence. Last but not least, Greens want to work for more participatory democracy.

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