European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA): Voicing the young professionals’ opinion on where to begin for developing an age-friendly Europe

EMSA logoMedical students of all fields are eager and ready to join the efforts of bridging the gap between generations. With our kick-off joint statement released in 2013 with the Standing Committee of European Doctors on Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA) we established a WG to brainstorm how physicians in-training can contribute to the increasing need for making the elderly population active and well-integrated within the younger generations.

EMSA advocates for better medical education in the fields of geriatrics, healthy lifestyle resulting in extended quality life-span as well as a battle against functional decline and frailty of the elderly patients. We encourage our members to organise projects with the aim of promoting knowledge in the field of active healthy aging: webinars, live discussion groups, on-line materials exchange.

In EMSA we believe that quality education and awareness-raising on healthy behaviours, starting from the very early age on, are the key for a healthier population in 20, 30, 40 years from now. To get a better health-care system and embrace the elderly tomorrow – let’s invest and educate the population of youth today.

Olga Rostkowska

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