What will the European Left do for Europe’s older citizens?

What will European political parties do for older persons during the next term? We will publish here information on their Manifesto and highlight the commitments which matter for Europe’s senior citizens. Let’s continue with the European Left.

(Excerpts from the European Left Manifesto 2014, you may access the full Manifesto here)


European LEFTIt is a certainty that Europe is going through a deep crisis. The immense power left in the hands of financiers, the consequences of austerity policies and the recent democratic setbacks endanger the very idea of ​​a European “union”.

The manifesto presented today by the Party of the European Left seeks to trace the outline of a Europe refounded on a democratic, social, ecological and peaceful solidarity basis. It is the result of a joint effort. We propose the major lines of this transformation and the concrete steps to immediately improve the lives of Europeans.

Resisting austerity and putting social development at the centre of European policies, regaining power over finance and building democracy, increasing the rights of everyone: it is on this basis that we propose to all workers in Europe, to all citizens on the left, to trade unionists and social movements in Europe that struggle against austerity and capitalism for democracy and peace, that we unite our forces.

1. – Resist austerity, for a new model of social development
2. – A new model for ecological development
3. – Give power to the people, for a citizens’ revolution
4. – For a social Europe, for a Europe of rights
5. – For fair trade with the world. Reject the transatlantic market
6. – For a Europe of peace


What is of interest for older persons?

AGE welcomes European Left’s commitment to resist austerity, put social development at the centre of European policies and increase the rights of everyone. More particularly, the European left’s goal is to guarantee the fundamental human rights of all Europeans, men and women, by universal access to these rights, through public services and social security systems.

They also call for the creation of a European minimum wage adapted to the cost of living in the different countries.

AGE also welcomes proposals on universal access to health care, fight against health inequalities, and support of health promotion, including actions in the social determinants of health (work, housing, education, environment, food, sufficient pensions and social rights).

Last but not least, European Left also dedicates a part of their Manifesto to elderly people’s rights, addressing issues such as adequate public pension systems, phasing out of private pension funds and protection of older persons’ rights.

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