AGE elections toolkit: how to lead your national campaign

AGE Platform Europe has released the European Parliament Elections toolkit for senior citizens’ organisations. In the toolkit, the role and the power of the EP is explained, and proposals are made on how national campaigns could be led. Proposals are:

  • Stay informed about your national parties’ demands and actions
  • Set up your own manifesto
  • Write letters and emails to candidates
  • Organise public debates or hearings with different candidates
  • Join the institutional campaign: ‘This Time, I’m Voting’
  • Use social media to spread your messages and explain the importance of including them in the campaign
  • Join the elections campaigns of other EU networks

AGE members [should] encourage older citizens in their countries to take part in these elections, and ensure that candidates understand the challenges related to the ageing population and most of all the daily realities and needs of older people. As a civil society organisation defending the rights of older people in your country, […] seize that opportunity to raise awareness among the candidates of the issues that concern older people.

AGE EP Elections Toolkit

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