Interest Group on Solidarity between Generations

The Interest group on solidarity between generations is an informal group of Members of the European Parliament interested by addressing the challenge of demographic change in a spirit of solidarity between generations, human rights and gender equality.

The group is building on the previous intergroups on active ageing, solidarity between generations and family policies, the AGE Manifesto and the manifesto ‘A New Deal for Families of Today‘ of the EU network of family organisations COFACE-Families Europe and is supported by both organisations.

Aim of the interest group

The interest group creates a multi-party platform within the European Parliament to discuss the transversal impact of demographic change on public policies and solutions that respect the rights and interests of all generations, while promoting solidarity between generations. It has been active on major developments, such as the EU’s response to COVID-19, the process around the Green Paper on Ageing as well as the European Care Strategy.

Read the joint letter of AGE Platform Europe and COFACE-Families Europe supporting the intergroup

Who are the members of the interest group?

As the interest group is an informal group, it is not constituted by a fixed number of members. However, there were some 40 initial supporters from all major European parties when the legislature started. This number has been expanded as all actions of the interest group have been promoted to all members of the European Parliament and many more have supported the group on the way. Currently, we count about 80 regular supporters, depending on the policy issues that the interest group is working on.

The co-chairs of the interest group on solidarity between generations are Mr Milan Brglez from Slovenia (S&D) and Mr Jaroslaw Duda from Poland (EPP).

The interest group members are proud to continue the heritage of the previous intergroup on active ageing and solidarity between generations.

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