Sign for a new Intergroup on ageing issues!

In order to promote the realisation of the calls included in the AGE Manifesto, we have started our campaign for a new Intergroup on Demographic change and Solidarity between generations.

How to support?

If you are an MEP and want to support the Intergroup…

  1. Download and print this form
  2. Fill it in with your details and sign it
  3. Send the original by internal mail to Brando Benifei MEP’s office (15G210)

The form can also be signed on the occasion of an appointment with AGE Platform Europe secretariat in Brussels. Please email Philippe Seidel or Estelle Huchet to arrange a meeting.

Check the list of MEPs that already support us!

Why to support?

An intergroup would allow to discuss important transversal topics: demographic change, active and healthy ageing, the future of social protection, the emerging EU Silver Economy, age-friendly environments and intergenerational solidarity and a sustainable future for all generations

Flyer on supporting an intergroup on demographic change and solidarity between generations

An intergroup is an unofficial body of the European Parliament, bringing together MEPs from at least three political groups who want to build a common understanding of an issue of their interest. The intergroup would be a continuation of the intergroup on active ageing and solidarity between generations, which existed in 2014-2020 and previous intergroups reaching back until 1982. Currently, a few MEPs are spearheading the campaign for an Intergroup, the decision on its re-establishment will be held this autumn.

You’re not quite sure of what an Intergroup is? or what it is for? AGE has created a flyer to call for support on an Intergroup on Demographic change and Solidarity between generations and explain the purpose of such a group.

Read about what the 2014-2019 Intergroup subgroup on Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations has achieved.

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