Supporters for the AGE manifesto

During the 2019 European Elections campaign, AGE has collected pledges from candidates towards the AGE manifesto. Read who has supported the manifesto below.

List of signatories

The list has been opened at our campaign launch event on 20th February. The following MEPs or candidates have supported the AGE manifesto so far:


  • Mr Heinz K. Becker, MEP (EPP / Österreichische Volkspartei)
  • Mr Josef Weidenholzer, MEP (S&D, Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs)




  • Mr Joseph Daul, President of European People’s Party (EPP / Les Républicains)


  • Mr Christian Kremer, Deputy Secretary-General, European People’s Party (EPP / Christlich-Demokratische Union)


  • Ms Olga Avgoustatou, candidate (S&D / To Potami)
  • Mr Christos Bezirtzoglou, candidate (non-affiliated in a European party / Dimiourgia Xana)



  • Mrs Liadh Ní Riada, MEP (GUE/NGL / Sinn Féin)
  • Mr Dominic Hannigan, candidate (S&D / Labour)
  • Mrs Olive O’Connor, candidate (Independent)
  • Mr Pat Greene, candidate (Direct Democracy Ireland)
  • Mr Mark Durkan (EPP / Fine Gael)
  • Mrs Mairead McGuinness (EPP / Fine Gael)
  • Mrs Frances Fitzgerald (EPP / Fine Gael)
  • Mr Barry Andrews (ALDE / Fianna Fáil)



  • Mr Tom Berendsen, candidate (EPP / Christen-Democratisch Appèl)
  • Mr Caspar A.I.J Rutten, candidate (EPP / Christen-Democratisch Appèl)




  • Mr Ernest Urtasun, MEP (Greens/EFA / Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds)

United Kingdom

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