Intergroup on Demographic Change and Solidarity between Generations

The campaign for the Intergroup on Demographic Change and Solidarity between Generations is building on the previous intergroups on active ageing, solidarity between generations and family policies, the AGE Manifesto and the manifesto ‘A New Deal for Families of Today‘ of the EU network of family organisations COFACE-Families Europe.

Aim of the intergroup

The intergroup should create a multi-party platform within the European Parliament to discuss the transversal impact of demographic change on public policies and solutions that respect the rights and interests of all generations, while promoting solidarity between generations.

Read the joint letter of AGE Platform Europe and COFACE-Families Europe supporting the intergroup

How to support?

If you are an MEP and want to support the Intergroup…

During November/beginning of December, political groups in the Parliament have different procedures to establish an intergroups, including internal votes. Even if you are not a member of the intergroup, you can support us by voting for ‘Demographic Change and Solidarity between Generations’.

To join the group:

  1. Download and print this form
  2. Fill it in with your details and sign it
  3. Send the original by internal mail to Philippe Seidel ( and to the office of Mr Milan Brglez ( 11G242) via internal mail

The form can also be signed on the occasion of an appointment with AGE Platform Europe secretariat in Brussels. Please email Philippe Seidel to arrange a meeting.

If you are an interested citizen: check out the list of MEPs in your country and contact them to highlight that ageing and family issues are worth to be supported by an intergroup, referencing this website.

Check the list of MEPs that already support us!

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AGE elections toolkit: how to lead your national campaign

AGE Platform Europe has released its European Elections toolkit for senior citizens’ organisations. In the toolkit, we develop a few ideas of what you could take part in the public debates that will take place with candidates during the campaign for the elections of the European Parliament.

  1. Stay informed about the parties’ manifestos and candidates
  2. Share AGE Manifesto and/or set up your own
  3. Meet with national candidates standing for elections
  4. Organise debates, hearings, and conferences with candidates
  5. Team up with other NGOs at national and local level
  6. Join ‘This Time, I’m Voting’, the campaign of the Parliament
  7. Be visible, be vocal (incl. in the press and on social media)

AGE encourages its member organisations to engage with candidates to ensure that newly elected MEPs will take up challenges related to ageing demographics and address pervasive ageism in partnership with older persons’ organisations in the next parliamentary term 2019-2024.

AGE European Elections Toolkit

The Toolkit also provides:

  1. Tools and templates to get you hands on!
  2. Background information about the European Parliament
  3. Links to Manifestos of major European Parties

Relevant links: