Campaign for a new intergroup on demographic change and solidarity between generations

In order to promote the realisation of the calls included in the AGE Manifesto, we have started our campaign for a new intergroup on demographic change and solidarity between generations. An intergroup on demographic change would allow to discuss important transversal topics: demographic change, active and healthy ageing, the future of social protection, the emerging EU Silver Economy, age-friendly environments and intergenerational solidarity and a sustainable future for all generations

Flyer on supporting an intergroup on demographic change and solidarity between generations

An intergroup is an unofficial body of the European Parliament, bringing together MEPs from at least three political groups who want to build a common understanding of an issue of their interest. The intergroup would be a continuation of the intergroup on active ageing and solidarity between generations, which existed in 2014-2020 and previous intergroups reaching back until 1982. Currently, a few MEPs are spearheading the campaign for an intergroup, the decision on its re-establishment will be held this autumn.

If you are an MEP and want to support an intergroup, please contact Philippe Seidel or Estelle Huchet of the AGE Secretariat.

AGE has created a flyer (to the left) to call for support on an intergroup on demographic change and solidarity between generations.

Supporters of the re-establishment of the intergroup

These MEPs have already vowed to support the re-establishment of an Intergroup on Demographic Change and Solidarity between Generations:

Read about what the 2014-2019 Intergroup subgroup on Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations has achieved.

AGE elections toolkit: how to lead your national campaign

AGE Platform Europe has released its European Elections toolkit for senior citizens’ organisations. In the toolkit, we develop a few ideas of what you could take part in the public debates that will take place with candidates during the campaign for the elections of the European Parliament.

  1. Stay informed about the parties’ manifestos and candidates
  2. Share AGE Manifesto and/or set up your own
  3. Meet with national candidates standing for elections
  4. Organise debates, hearings, and conferences with candidates
  5. Team up with other NGOs at national and local level
  6. Join ‘This Time, I’m Voting’, the campaign of the Parliament
  7. Be visible, be vocal (incl. in the press and on social media)

AGE encourages its member organisations to engage with candidates to ensure that newly elected MEPs will take up challenges related to ageing demographics and address pervasive ageism in partnership with older persons’ organisations in the next parliamentary term 2019-2024.

AGE European Elections Toolkit

The Toolkit also provides:

  1. Tools and templates to get you hands on!
  2. Background information about the European Parliament
  3. Links to Manifestos of major European Parties

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