4. Right to live and age in dignity

We call on candidates and future MEPs to:

Protect the right to live and age in dignity through affordable and person-centred health and long-term care and put pressure on your government to:

  • Enforce effectively the right to quality and affordable long-term care and support that allows older people to live in dignity, remain autonomous and independent, and get fully involved in their communities;
  • Adopt a Council Recommendation on long-term care, stating the key principles and evidence-based recommendations for the develoment of long-term care and support services across the EU;
  • Develop the economic case for the formalisation of long-term care for older people and ensure that the EU leaves enough fiscal space to member states to improve quality of LTC and access for all who need care and support;
  • Monitor the role of the private sector in long-term care in terms of quality and affordability of services, and explore how the EU could better regulate this growing market;
  • Work towards the adoption of an EU Action Plan on combatting elder abuse, including through better identifying and protecting victims and improve working conditions of both formal and informal carers in home and residential care.

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