5. Active and healthy ageing for all ages

We call on candidates and future MEPs to:

Ensure active and healthy ageing and promote well-being for all ages and put pressure on your government to:

  • Promote physical and mental health through a life course perspective approach in all EU policies under the coordination of DG SANTE;
  • Ensure a strong Health programme and budgetary priority to health promotion, disease prevention and reduction of health inequalities in the EU post 2020 research programme;
  • Continue supporting the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing as a key initiative to improve the healthy life year expectancy across the EU;
  • Reenergise the Geriatric Medicines Strategy and raise the profile of the Geriatric Expert Group of the European Medicines Agency;
  • Provide a robust healthcare infrastructure and use digital innovation at EU level to improve people’s health at all ages while pursuing the objectives set in the Digital Single Market;
  • Prioritise the fight against old-age loneliness and social isolation affecting approximately one-third to one-half of the older population and resulting in adverse health conditions.

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