AGE General Assembly published its Manifesto for the European elections 2019

On 7 June 2018, during its General Assembly, AGE member organisations adopted their Manifesto for the upcoming European Parliament Elections 2019. AGE Manifesto covers the major issues to be addressed to enhance the older people’s human rights in an ageing Europe. 

Pledging for a holistic approach, AGE Manifesto covers areas in which further action is needed to enhance older people’s rights. In this key advocacy document, AGE members provide recommendations to MEP candidates to help enforce older persons’ equal rights to take an active part in society and to live and age in dignity.

In view of promoting and facilitating holistic approach to policy making on ageing, our Manifesto indicates and encourages to use synergies between the existing policy processes and frameworks at global and EU levels – in particular the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the European Pillar of Social Right, the European Semester together with other EU strategies, such as the Digital Single Market. They all provide member states with necessary basis to take action on the protection of human rights in old age.

Finally, AGE members call for an ambitious EU budget 2021-2027 to deliver on EU post 2020 social and non-discrimination objectives, as well as for a renewed political impulse to unblock the draft horizontal non-discrimination directive.

 Read more in our press release

Access AGE Manifesto here

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