Workers experiencing menopause deserve protection from discrimination

A cross-party group of 14 MEPs has stressed that menopause should be addressed in public policies to protect workers not only from the health and safety impact, but also to protect them from discrimination.

The MEPs stress that ‘the topic of menopause in the workplace remains largely invisible in public and political discourses, opening the door to unequal treatment and discrimination against women.’

Menopause and its symptoms is often limited to the medical and private sphere, but should also be addressed as a workplace health issue (for example by ensuring access fresh drinking water to all workers) and discrimination against women during menopause can lead to their exclusion from the labour market

The MEPs ask the European Commission about its data collection on the issue of menopause and its actions to better prevent discrimination based on menopause.

Signing MEPs

The question is signed by the following MEPs: Milan Brglez (SI, S&D), Dietmar Köster (DE, S&D), Tanja Fajon (SI, S&D), Magdalena Adamowicz (PL, PPE), Klemen Grošelj (SI, Renew), Pernando Barrena Arza (ES, The Left), Vilija Blinkevičiūtė (LT, S&D), Antoni Comín i Oliveres (ES, NI), Clara Ponsatí Obiols (ES, NI), Carles Puigdemont i Casamajó (ES, NI), Robert Hajšel (SK, S&D), Lina Gálvez Muñoz (ES, S&D), Ilan De Basso (SE, S&D), Pierre Larrouturou (FR, S&D)

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