4 February 2021: Responding to the Green Paper on Ageing

On behalf of the Interest Group on Solidarity between Generations, the MEPs Mr Duda, Mr Brglez and Ms Zdanoka are inviting for a meeting on Thursday 4 February to discuss the way forward after the publication of the Green Paper on Ageing by the European Commission

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The European Parliament addresses ageing in the EU’s regions

The European Parliament is currently debating a report under the title ‘Reversing demographic trends in EU regions using cohesion policy instruments‘. While the report is written by the Committee on Regional Development, the Employment and Social Affairs committee has now finalised its opinion. In the opinion, the Committee calls for initiatives such as a charter of the rights of older persons, a framework directive on long-term care and a European care strategy, investments into public services and quality of life in rural areas as well as opportunities for intergenerational exchanges.

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An investigation on long-term care during COVID-19 at European level?

AGE Platform Europe, the European Public Service Union and the European Disability Forum, have called for a European investigation into the management of the COVID-19 pandemic in the long-term care sector. A wealth of evidence is emerging about the risk to which staff and beneficiaries of long-term care have been exposed to, given the lack of protective equipment, adequate working conditions and access to testing and treatment. The call was directed to European PArliament President David Sassoli, as the only directly representative European institution should be the one investigating abuses to EU Fundamental Rights on an EU scale.

The call was supported by a group of 88 MEPs accross the political spectrum:

“We, as Members of the European Parliament, believe that it is absolutely necessary to examine what happened at European level with all the means at our disposal, in order to have comprehensive data in front of us and to identify political and management responsibilities, so that we can change course immediately.

We are committed to ensuring that the European Parliament has the will and strength to discover and reconstruct what has happened, strengthen attention on these facilities, find alternatives of group housing and avoid other mistakes and tragedies.”

Supporting statement by MEPs for investigative action on long-term care and COVID-19

In November, MEPs organised an online debate on the way forward based on the call. A summary can be found here.

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