European Medicine Agency: Keeping it safe

Did you know that the brightest medicine experts with diverse specialised knowledge in the world work to keep medicines safe across the European Union? On 7 May 2019, the European Medicine Agency (EMA) launched a social media campaign to highlight how the European medicines regulatory network keeps medicines available in Europe safe and effective.

EMA’s visuals describe the added value of European cooperation in keeping medicines safe, from the pooling of resources to better monitoring and analysing safety information across the EU, to raising safety standards and allowing patients to directly report side effects and identify legally operating online pharmacies and retailers.

‘Keeping medicines safe’ is a priority for EMA, the European Commission and the network of national competent authorities which provides the Agency with the best-available scientific expertise in the EU for the regulation of medicines.

As a member of EMA’s Patients and Consumers Working Party, AGE Platform Europe supports this campaign and encourages you to share the info-cards on social media. You can find and share EMA’s series of info-cards on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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