European Parties talk ageing: The European Greens

AGE Platform Europe has gone through all European Parties’ manifestos for the European Parliament elections to monitor how parties stand on issues related to ageing demographics. This series ‘European Parties talk ageing’ gives an insight for each of the parties’ manifesto.

The European Greens have made a strong call for “social and generational justice and inclusive democracy”. Stressing the importance to shape a European economy that serves both current and future generations, the Greens are adopting an intergenerational approach that is far from diluting the specificities coming along with later life.

Their section on ‘Elderly’ highlights some important challenges faced by older people like post-retirement poverty, difficulties to access educational opportunities, prejudice and discrimination on the ground of age. Mainly focused on the ageing workers, the Greens call for an effective right to lifelong learning and flexible retirement.

Read the Greens’ priorities

Read the Greens’ priorities (easy to read version)

Read the Greens’ manifesto

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