European Parties talk ageing: The European People’s Party

AGE Platform Europe has gone through all European Parties’ manifestos for the European Parliament elections to monitor how parties stand on issues related to ageing demographics. This series ‘European Parties talk ageing’ gives an insight for each of the parties’ manifesto.

The European People’s Party (EPP) manifesto, adopted at the 2012 EPP Congress in Bucharest, approaches the European population ageing through the lens of the challenge it poses to our social security systems.

The EPP’s commitments yet also flag the importance of life-long learning training systems to provide all Europeans with equal learning opportunities:
The EPP reiterates the importance of lifelong-learning programmes and of EU-backed measures to provide people of all ages with fair access to high-quality learning opportunities”.

In addition, the EPP underlines that the inclusiveness of our societies implies that we address the “poverty among the elderly” and develop “effective education and health systems, together with the provision of care for the elderly and people with disabilities”.

Read the EPP’s commitments

Read the EPP’s manifesto

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