POSTPONED DUE TO COVID19: From disability rights towards a rights-based approach to long-term care in Europe – Joint AGE-European Centre event

The European Centre has recently published a report, ‘Towards a rights-based approach in long-term care: Building an index of rights-based policies for older people in Europe’ which presents the findings of the Rights of Older People Index (ROPI) and the Scoreboard on Outcome Indicators, as well as policy recommendations for twelve EU Member States.

Together with the European Center, AGE is organising an event in the European Parliament to demonstrate why a human rights-based approach is needed in long-term care policies across the EU. Hosted by MEP Milan Brglez (S&D Group), our joint event will also discuss with different stakeholders what practical tools could help in the development and assessment of policies to respond best to the social, economic and political challenges of an ageing population.

Target group: Policy makers, policy experts, NGOs.

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To register, please fill this form by 3 March 2020
(due to the limited capacity of the room, your registration will be confirmed, once you receive the confirmation email, not later than 4 March 2020)


  • MEP Milan Brglez, S&D Group
  • Kai Leichsenring, Executive Director, European Centre
  • Katarina Ivankovic Knezevic, Director for Social Affairs, European Commission
  • Kristoffer Lundberg, Deputy Director, Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs
  • Marie-Dominique Parent, Human Rights Officer, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Anne-Sophie Parent, Secretary General, AGE Platform Europe
  • Ricardo Rodrigues, Deputy Director, European Centre
  • Magdi Birtha, Researcher, European Centre

Contact persons:

Magdi Birtha,

Julia Wadoux,

Older citizens meet supportive MEPs in Brussels

On 16th October 2019, older citizens representing national members of AGE Platform Europe traveled all the way to Brussels to meet their newly elected Members of the European Parliament.

Elections are always a time of reshuffling. These European elections 2019 were no exception, with a European Parliament welcoming a substantial share of new MEPs. Since June 2019 then, older citizens and their representative organisations have been working in coordination to establish new contacts with their elected representatives. The objective of this post-election campaign was two-fold:

  • Present AGE and its member organisations as relevant interlocutor when it comes to ageing;
  • Re-establish an Intergroup on Demographic Change and Solidarity between Generations for the next term to ensure the European Parliament will be equipped with a dedicated forum to discuss all these matters.

This campaign peaked with a ceremony in the premises of the European Parliament on 16th October 2019 where older citizens invited and met their MEPs. We warmly thank MEP Brando Benifei, one of the youngest members of the European Parliament, who kindly hosted the event and thus, gave a concrete example of the intergenerational ambition of the Intergroup.

AGE members had the honour to welcome MEP Rainer Wieland, Vice-President of the European Parliament who gave an introductory word much in line with the spirit of the Intergroup:

‘It is not my idea of society that one-part talks about old white men and women and another part talks about young people that must be taught’ said Mr. Wieland.

The Intergroup on Demographic Change and Solidarity between Generation is fuelled with the desire to keep the discussions going among all political groups to address the challenges coming along demographic change ‘not as a threat but as an opportunity to renew our generational contract’, reminded AGE President, Ebbe Johansen.

Elizabeth Gosme, Director of COFACE-Families Europe, who is campaigning together with AGE for the re-establishment of the Intergroup, emphasised how supporting carers, and promoting the autonomy of persons with disabilities are important to build solidarity between generations.

We had the pleasure to welcome among the participants to this ceremony MEPs Bettina Vollath, Franc Bogovic, Milan Brglez, Tanja Fajon, Marisa Matias, Ljudmila Novak, Romana Tomc, Carlos Zorrinho and Julie Ward.

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Two Parliament Vice-President and a Commission Vice-President-designate support the intergroup

The European Commission’s Vice-President-designate on Demographic Change and Democracy, Ms Dubravka Suica, supported the Intergroup in her capacity of MEP, as she waits to be confirmed in her role as Commissioner. The Intergroup also received support from two Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament: Ms Mairead McGuinness of Ireland and Othmar Karas of Austria. The campaign for the Intergroup is ongoing, let us know if you want to join!

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